Simplicity and Letting go
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Welcome to Lalibela Hudad's Website

The Lalibela Hudad is a community based, ecologically sustainable eco-lodge. . We foster social and culture experience, nature, fresh food and outstanding service Our tukuls are scattered over a 24.7 acre plateau in a "lost world" abundant with wildlife, breathtaking views and dramatic pink sunsets.

Hudad is about rest, reflection and cultural immersion. Surrounded by cliffs on all sides the landscape is also ideal for sight seeing as well as talking with indigenous passer-byes Ideal for Meditative restfulness the setting leaves many visitors feeling an increased sense of peace.
"The greatest luxury is silence."

Links & Reviews

"October 2015 review from a guest from Vermont USA" , by Ellen Lake. This recent guest emphatically ended her review by saying, "Yes, make your reservation and experience this very special place. Travelling with a group of 5 women she found the hike to the Lodge enjoyable with sights of "lush scenery and donkey traffic." In describing the food she exclaimed, "how could the food be so good when there is no electricity or running water." Ellen's descriptive passage of the campfire singing at night and 'amazingly beautiful stone buildings' expresses the wonder and satisfaction of so many other Lalibela Hudad guests.

"A Fantastic Magical Stay This review's powerfull passage describes a very competent and friendly guide, Workeye taking the guest and his girls to the surrounding local villages where they met, "the most welcoming and friendly people among the most amazing scenery I have ever seen." The guest goes on to recommend the Lalibela Hudad as a 'must do' for anyone visiting Ethoipia.

Hailing from London, England, Rob is ranked as a Trip Advisor Level 3 contributor He writes of a "wonderful experience" at the Lalibela Hudad Eco Lodge. He offers numerous travel tips about the weather, dress codes, guides and transportation. He describes the huts as spacious, how well they slept and highlights the view of eagles and vultures flying right besides him and his wife off the plateau. It is a long and helpful review with first hand tips from a recent guest.

Extraordinary Place This review is listed under 'Hann T' from Beligium and is short and succinct. To this guest the Lalibela Hudad, the local community and the sights and sounds were, "absolutely fantastic." Hann goes on to say sum up, "Peacefull local people, pleasant wild animals, and of course breath taking landscape. ... I really hope to go there again with my friends."

Level 4 Contributor on Trip AdvisorA highly rated Trip Advisor reviewer, listed under Zoifka Rotterdam, The Neatherlands doesn't mince words in assessing his Lalibela Hudad trip he calls it, "the most beautiful and special place I have every stayed." He spoke of the walk up as an extra bonus and was very pleased with the peace and quiet. He enjoyed football games with guide Workeye and other staff. Ended by writing that he was very reluctant to leave after 2 nights.

Why choose us?

  • No hassling, no shopping, no village nearby completely just nature and you and yet located in the main artery of Ethiopian tour routes.
  • Fewer Tukuls means more personal space
  • No light pollution means better star gazing on dark nights one star gazer wrote a review in trip advisor called the "Lost World of King Lalibela" stating it is one few places in the world where you can see the northern and southern crosses together
  • Bird Life, wild life and natural scenery
  • Opens up the mind; create insights and a spirit of reflection
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