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“High up in the Mountains and back in time(Lalibela, Ethiopia)” , by Clas Johanson. Clas is avid traveler and blogger and a member of a Swedish travel association. He writes on a trove of travel tips and experiences for those seeking exclusive experiences. He describes the Lalibela Hudad as entry into another age. After having traveled to over 90 countries he says it “on my top five list of the most beautiful places he has ever visited. Lower down in a very informative article he goes on to say, if you have any interest in beautiful places ‘indescribable views and magical atmosphere you have to go here once in a lifetime.

“Hudad in the Highlands,” Eric Van der Wyck One our favorites: This is mostly pictures of the Lalibea Hudad’s wonderful community, natural magnificence and the lodge’s facilities, but from a very artistic and insightful woman.

Places to Visit in Lalibela including Hudad by Chirstina D’ Angelo. According to her the Lalibela Hudad fulfills peoples expectations of Africa ‘sweeping views’ and ‘warm native hospitality’. She describes the views as ‘breathtaking’. Have a look and tell us what you think.

Amazing Homebound journey. Wonderfully descriptive. A mother brings her adopted daughter back to her (their) homeland for a month long trip around Ethiopia. A pleasure, and very revealing for someone planning a trip to Ethiopia. Filled with images of the Lalibela Hudad area. In her exciting narrative the Lalibela Hudad is ‘an amazing retreat sitting high on a huge plateau’.

“What a Magical Place” begins this trip review by a recent visitor from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He gives a picturesque account of flying eagles during breakfast, the lodgings and amenities and sums up with the words ‘This is paradise.’

Lalibela Hudad 3 day Itinerary

Boundless Ethiopia’s professional tour company offers this trip package which is becoming very popular with foreign residents in Addis Ababa especially. The Ethiopian Dutch couple Mariamwit and Hans van der Haar have a real passion for travel and they come back to Lalibela Hudad again and again. Many other Ethiopian tour packages are also available on this site.

‘The Lost World of King Lalibela

Blaine Alan Gibson is a very seasoned traveller: 169 countries in all!. In this review he rates Lalibela Hudad as one of the seven most beautiful places he has ever been. Read it for yourself by clicking on the link above.

“Photo Journal: Lalibela, Ethiopia”, is by a professional anthropologist who offers vivid narration, step by step of his visit to the Lalibela Hudad, starting from flying in on a tour hour flight from Addis, you are treated to exclusive images and insights about travelling in Ethiopia. this story is worth a look, especially for the pictures.