Simplicity and Letting go

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Your Visit


The Lalibela Hudad is an eco retreat that overlooks the town of Lalibela in Northern Ethiopia. It’s four comfortable tukuls will accommodate up to three people each. All the tukuls have their own sanitary accommodations.

How to Get there

Due to recent road development 70% of the way up can be covered by car, the remaining part can be traveled by mule and/or hike. On the way back our minivan can collect you after a short 30 minute walk and if necessary, take you to the airport for an early same day flight.


The Lalibela Hudad is on a silent, private 10 hectare site and has been created to provide a space for rest and respite for all guests.  At over 3,300m of altitude, air doesn’t get much cleaner. The best part of your visit may involved feeling of being far away, enough space around you to enjoy its peacefulness, wildlife and bird life, feeling of seclusion. The AboChagula Reserve surrounds the lodge presenting breathtaking sights and sounds through out your stay.



The Plateau Café by reception serves out freshly cooked light meals throughout the day. Alfresco eating is a must at the Hudad, with cliff edge meals, evening bonfire barbeques, wildlife picnics, or private meals by your Tukul Suite.

The food we serve is fresh, organic, delicious, locally sourced. Our menu has been carefully designed to blend a fusion of local and international tastes.


Enjoy the rising sun as endemic Gelada Baboons play nearby; at a distance terraced farms and ancient villages mesmerize onlookers though out the day. The tukuls have been built to surround a large area that is visited almost daily by a large troupe of Gelada baboons. Settle into one of our wildlife lookout dens and become part of the tribe. Baboons are not the plateau’s only inhabitants; a wide variety of stunning wildlife awaits visitors. There have been rare sightings of mountain lions, Ethiopian wolves and Hamadryas baboons from the Hudad.



There are a number of short walks that can take place in the Abichagula reserve. The reserve is home to large numbers of endemic fauna and flora and is one of the few remaining examples of thick wild vegetation. In addition, the mysterious and as of yet unexplored buried church of Beta Gabriel is a two hour hike from the Lodge.


There are many hiking opportunities in the mountains surrounding the Hudad. Allow a local guide to walk you across a landscape which mixes the beauty of Ethiopia’s table top mountain range and the traces of a still active millenary human inhabitation.

Whilst most of Asheten’s passes are for foot traffic only, many destinations further afield can also be accessed with a 4X4.


The local villages will benefit greatly from the Hudad’s presence. Locals don’t speak much English, but they may invite you to their home for coffee. Take the opportunity to gain an in depth insight into their daily lives and learn ancient Ethiopian wisdoms.


Mobile phones do work at the Lalibela Hudad,  internet acesss is also available. We are currently developing solar charging stations for phones, cameras and laptops.


The Lalibela Hudad is situated at the top of a table top mountain at over 3,300m of altitude. Whilst days are generally hot, nights can get cold. Remember to pack warm clothes.

Altitude sickness can occur if an acclimatization period hasn’t been followed, make sure you discuss your visit with your general practitioner . Care should also be taken when hiking across mountain passages and when walking by cliff edges, especially at night. The Hudad has only minimal first aid equipment and the closest hospital is in Lalibela town.